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With an attention to detail all our teams are trained and mobilised to assure you the best possible welcome and to optimise the level of maintenance of our facilities. The restrictions on our operations, linked to the extremes of our mountain climate, oblige us to be very reactive.

We are attentive to all remarks and suggestions which will help us progress and we invite you to participate in this quality procedure by returning, if need be, the attached quality survey. For a few seasons now Chamonix Golf Club is in agreement with the principal of having in all circumstances an eco-responsible reflection and actions. With the drive of their green-keeper Franck Cosqueric, the use of bio-organic products has spread and born fruit.
In parallel we have called on the great expertise of Doctor Joseph Vargas, Professor at the university of Michigan State


and international luminary of the world of green keeping. Distinguished in 2007 by the ASGA, he today advises prestigious courses worldwide such as the famous Valderama course which hosted the Ryder Cup.

His insight and knowledge allowed us to engage in work to prevent winter damage and disease to the greens with spectacular results already. He also advised us on the best grasses to use on the different parts of the course.

At the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 big investments were made to totally redo the course irrigation system. Now the course is irrigated by 590 sprinklers covering all the main playing areas. The entire system can be remotely controlled thanks to the new technology and the installation in parallel of a fibre optic network giving access to very high speed internet.

Ce système d’irrigation de dernière génération nous permettra ainsi d’utiliser des quantités d’eau réduites au strict nécessaire. Le Golf de Chamonix s’est parallèlement engagé aux côtés de la Communauté de Communes dans le This new generation irrigation system will thus allow us to reduce the amounts of water used to the strict minimum. Chamonix golf club has a parallel engagement with the “Communauté de Communes dans le Plan Climat Energie Territorial” of which the principal is to coordinate a qualitative and reasonable approach on the scale of the other major economic players of the Chamonix valley.


Make your day at Chamonix Golf Club an exceptional experience is our motif.



There are three ways to return the quality survey to us  
  • By emai : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • By fax : 04 50 53 38 69
  • By post : for the attention of the Director of the Golf Club,
    35 Route du Golf 74400 Chamonix